Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Cardinal –  Surgical Gloves

Protexis™ Latex Classic Surgical Gloves deliver exceptional protection, dexterity and an advanced grip.


Natural rubber latex1,2
An ideal outer glove in a double-gloving system complemented with a coloured under-glove
Designed to protect in a broad range of cases


Ideally used within a double-gloving system, or can be worn as a standalone glove
Proprietary hand mold with an independent thumb design allows for an anatomical fit and natural movement in the fingers, thumb and palm
Featuring an interlocking, beaded cuff design that helps to reduce roll-down

MOQ: 2m boxes

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box of 300 Cranberry Evolve powder free Nitrile gloves

Cranberry Evolve

The Evolve 300 Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves are Cranberry’s latest and softest gloves yet, combining comfort and tensile strength without sacrificing tactile sensitivity. Cranberry’s exclusive EvoSoft™ formulation gives Evolve a unique silk-like attribute that is both soft and strong with textured fingertips for precise gripping under all operating conditions.

3300 Series
300 pieces per box by weight

Available in sizes XS-XL

3305 (X-Small)
3306 (Small)
3307 (Medium)
3308 (Large)
3309 (X-Large) *250 gloves/box

MOQ: 2M Boxes

Get in touch for trade prices – 01483 937777

We have a huge range of disposable Nitrile gloves. We only supply genuine manufacturer products and fully certified. 

A small selection of our manufacturers: Uniglove / UnoDent / Cleanguard / Superior / Brightway / Nitrylex / Royal Guard / Maxter / GEN-X

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