About Us1

Breathe happy is part of the BeautyDNA Group. Founded in 2010 by CEO Richard Mears. Richard has over 25 years’ experience in chemical formulation. When the Pandemic first took hold in early 2020, with hand sanitiser in short supply, the core skincare business (Instant Effects & Cult51) was in the perfect position to help. We decided to switch part of our production to creating a new hand sanitiser spray made with Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, it was fast drying and non-sticky with a lovely fragrance. It was universally loved and popularity soared, to the point where customers were requesting further PPE related products and Breathe Happy was born. Our first product (if you exclude the hand sanitiser) was bringing to market the World’s first consumer Reusable Face Mask – leading to multiple Independent Pharmacy Award Nominations and 5 star reviews in the Times and Sun newspapers.

We have one simple, core philosophy – Only Quality Will Do. We strongly believe by only providing quality products, combined with a passion for delivering quality service helps build trust. We are living in challenges times, where we can all make a difference and save lives.

From this simple, core belief of quality, breathe happy has grown into a multifaceted business helping individuals, families, businesses, and local governments both here in the UK and internationally stay safe in these uncertain times.

Look after each other and stay safe.

The breathe happy team