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We want you to love your breathe happy Face Masks

Please see our FAQ's below for more information on this amazing product

Does the face mask protect me against Coronavirus?

The breathe happy reusable face masks filters are certified to meet EN 14683:2019 standards and will filter >95% of the bacteria and smaller particulates (0.10 microns) in the air. 

Safe and securely fitting, breathe happy reusable face masks offers wearers peace of mind by helping to protect against bacteria and smaller particulates filtration.

Is this medical grade mask or PPE

breathe happy masks are a non-sterile medical device for non surgical environments and are not classed as PPE.

Can the mask help with asthma, hayfever and allergies?

Yes, our face masks are a winner when it comes to asthma, hayfever and allergies. The breathe happy Everyday will filter out 95% of the particles in the air and the Commuter filters (you guessed it) 98%. Which means you really can breathe happy.

Are breathe happy masks easy to breathe through?

Yes, our masks are easy to breathe through, however if at any stage you do feel light headed, remove the mask and breathe normally for several minutes. If this happens repeatedly stop using the mask and return for a full refund. 

What size mask do I need?

Our face mask comes in one size and the comfortable suction fit means that the mask fits precisely and the adjustable head trap means that you can tailor it to a comfortable fit.

Are children’s mask available?

The mask comes in one size, however the adjustable head strap enables it to fit comfortably on most children aged 8 or above.

Can I wash the mask?

Yes Absolutely. Keep your breathe happy mask clean by regular cleaning and sterilizing. Either sanitize or boil your mask to keep it in tip-top condition and ready for use at any time.

Do I need to wash my hands before I put on the mask?

It is always recommended that you wash your hands and /or sanitize before putting on your face mask or before changing the filters.

Do I still need to social distance if I’m wearing the mask?

Social distancing is still recommended even if you are wearing a breathe happy reusable face mask.

Can I try before I buy?

As this is a medical device, so we’re not able to offer this option.

What if I don’t like it, what is your returns policy?

We hope that you will be delighted with your breathe happy order. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we are happy to offer a refund, exchange or replacement on all goods returned to us within 14 days of your receipt of goods, provided they are in their original, unopened and unused condition. If you have taken the face mask out of the packaging, it is not able to be returned.

Can I share my mask with someone else?

The breathe happy face mask is a medical device and is intended for a sole individuals use, it is not recommended that masks are shared in case of any cross contamination.

As it’s a reusable mask, and it can be sterilised, can I use it and then give it to someone else?

 The breathe happy face mask is a medical device and is intended for a sole individuals use, it is not recommended that masks are shared in case of any cross contamination.

Will a beard stop the mask from working properly?

Due to the suction fit, this mask works perfectly well with a beard, and it’s been thoroughly tested with many men with beards.

How often do the filters need replacing?

Filters must be changed every seven days. To maintain filtration efficiency and effectiveness we recommend replacing filters regularly. Not only does our breathe happy reusable mask offer greater filtration than most paper masks, it’s cost efficient too! Our filters last seven days unlike disposable masks which should be replaced at least once a day. Seven paper masks = 1 filter.

Do I still need to replace the filters if I’m not using the mask very much?

Once the filters are in the mask they need to be replaced after 7 days.

Will my glasses steam up?

We love this question because breathe happy face masks do not steam up your glasses, and that’s official!! The suction fit means that when you breathe in and out, there is no ‘leakage of air’ and that’s what causes your glasses or sunglasses to.

Does the mask filter the air that I breathe in or the air that I breathe out or both?

Paper masks leave 20% of all air inhaled, and 30% of air exhaled, unfiltered because of the loose fit. Our breathe happy mask is very efficient because of its silicone seal. Spectacle wearers will also appreciate the fact that breathe happy masks are non-fogging, unlike disposable masks.

Do I have to buy the filters though breathe happy or can I buy them somewhere else?

You will be able to buy replacement filters through leading retailers as well as through our website which also enables you to set up a subscription.

When will my order be dispatched?

We endeavour to dispatch all orders (received before 1pm GMT) the next working day Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

How is my order shipped?

Shipped using Royal Mail tracked 48-hour service 

How long will my order take to arrive?

UK deliveries within 5 working days (normally within 3 days)
EU deliveries within 10 working days
US deliveries within 15 working days

Filter Subscriptions

Say goodbye to looking for a disposable mask and make sure you are always ready with a breathe happy mask and filter subscription. 

breathe happy filter subscriptions are an easy and convenient way to makes sure your breathe happy has a ready supply of weekly filters. Sign up today and have your filters delivered to your door. 4 months' supply in an easy to store box popped through your letterbox. It couldn't be easier than a breathe happy subscription.