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Breathe Happy’s Safentri creates a process for getting together again

Accessible tools that introduce individual accountability and provide data and tools to enterprises. Administered to organisations to create responsible policies and manage liability

business colleagues getting together again
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A Simple Process - You Control the Parameters

For example,
 Your employees must:

- Complete Rapid Flow Covid
- Test every 3 days and log results with a photo evidence
- Self certify every day (no symptoms etc.)
- Must have read and signed test, questionnaire and internal procedures etc.

They complete the above within the app. The information links direct to their identity pass or ticket, either allowing access or declining access to the site depending on the results and parameters.

How its works

How Safentri

1) User completes a COVID-19 questionnaire.

Safentri covid questionnaire continued in app

2) User selects a location to visit.

3) User can review and manage the facility’s access requirements

4) User answers from a drop-down menu and initiates a check-in

5) User chooses a check-in location and signs

6) Screener view: The screener scans the check-in pass

7) Safentri generates a unique code for the screener

8) Screener view: The screener scans the check-in pass

9) The screener records the user’s temperature and validates against provided requirements

10) The user is cleared for entry (or set for review or failed)

Manage staff, customer & visitor access


Access to closed-loop COVID-19 testing and reporting, uploading of results

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Easy Integration

Simple integration into existing access control systems as well as HR systems. Linked to ticket or electronic id pads

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Manage common and specific resources including policies, procedures, information, surveys, questionnaires and diagnostics

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Digital Validation

An automated validation process to review, approve or reject a user based on health status and compliance to facility entry requirements

Reduced Risk

As it is HSE complaint, it helps mitigates liability which can reduce insurance premiums


Manage common and specific resources including policies, procedures, information, surveys, questionnaires and diagnostics


System uses encrypted tokens to manage user roles and all data is encrypted at rest and in transit

Easy to Use

The process is logical and easy to navigate. The progressive web app is universally accessible from any device or OS, requiring no downloads or updates

Awareness Training

Online education and training courses complete with testing and certification for all access roles


The platform is deployed on AWS using docker containers and kubernetes orchestration, providing on demand horizontal scaling

No Code Platform

Built on a no code platform allowing instant adaption to a rapidly evolving business and legal landscape


Receive instant alerts through push text or email notification services

Safe Entrance Management

Safentri directs users to:

- Phone or chat support
- Internal / External docs

Scheduling tools:

- Telemedicine
- Testing
- HR call

Push notifications:

- Process instructions
- PPE supplies info
- Entry Guidelines
- Contacts for assistance
- Calendar events

  • Fast, easy access from any device (phone, tablet, computer)
  • On and offline connectivity
  • Role-based security allows entry based on customizable qualifiers
  • Based on their input they can be directed to different options / requirements
  • Links to a Bluetooth scanner or use any smartphone as a scanner
  • Print a Digital Badge or display on-screen

Employers - the Challenge

How do you know staff, customers, vendor and visitors have tested?

How do you know the results?

How do you log and record the information?

How do you manage staff training records?

The answer is Breathe Happy's Safentri

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