75% of England want a return to mandatory face masks in indoor places - Do you?

According to a survey by Perspectus Global, nearly 3/4 of people in England want a return to mandatory face masks in indoor public places. 

Since the restrictions were lifted on the 19th July, whether to wear a mask in public has become a bit of a grey area, and although no longer strictly compulsory, many shops are still requesting all visitors to wear one. 

The most recent Opinions and Lifestyle Survey from the office of national statistics (20 August 2021) suggests that the majority of people are still complying with this, with the proportion of adults reporting to wear face coverings when outside their home being 89%.

A high proportion of adults still felt that measures to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) were either very important or important, and 86% felt wearing a face covering is still necessary, while 83% are still committed to washing their hands immediately after returning from a public place. 

If you feel wearing a mask is still important, here is a guide to the best mask to wear in the Covid-19 pandemic

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