How to wear facemask the right way?

How to wear facemask the right way?

It’s no surprise that as we enter a post-lockdown world the UK government has made face coverings a mandatory requirement in shops and supermarkets from 24th July.

Although you could be faced with a fine if you don’t comply with this rule, it is important to remember the social and public health benefits of wearing a protective face mask.

If people see the vast majority of the public wearing masks, they will feel much more comfortable leaving the house and going about their daily tasks. Not only this, the more masks people see in the streets and shops around them, the more likely they are to wear a mask themselves.

Wearing your facemask

To assemble your mask, place one filter into the guard making sure the blue side is facing outwards, mount the filter guard onto the mask, thread and adjust the headband, and breathe happy knowing you’re keeping yourself and others safe. The mask should sit tight yet comfortably over your face.

The Breathe Happy face mask can be worn throughout your day-to-day activities, from shopping to commuting. Resist the urge to take your mask off when you’re in busy public spaces, as this will defeat the point of your efforts. Just ensure you sterilize your mask (including before initial use) and change the filters every seven days.

Why Breathe Happy?

Your Breathe Happy face mask is made from silicone, which forms a highly effective seal around your nose and mouth. Not only this, but it’s also much more comfortable than your standard paper or fabric mask, and the filter never touches your skin.

Most importantly, each Breathe Happy filter has four layers of filtration and meets EN14683:2019 standards for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Breathability and Splash Resistance.

Filters only need to be replaced every 7 days (making Breathe Happy an eco-friendly alternative to disposable masks) and come with two different mask options.

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