The worlds first >98% efficient reusable face mask

£24.99  £9.99

● >98% efficient respirator face mask with replaceable filters.

● Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) >98%

● Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >98%

●  Includes FIVE Replaceable Filters = 35 Days Supply Meets EN 14683:2019

●  Re-usable. Affordable. Safe. Comfortable.

●  Helps Protects You, Your Pocket and The Environment

young lady wearing breathe happy commuter face mask next to bus stop in London

The breathe happy COMMUTER Reusable Face Mask

Say hello to the breathe happy COMMUTER reusable respirator face mask that has simple to use replaceable filters. The filters are tested to filter out over 98% of the bacteria in the air that passes through them. They need replacing every seven days. 

Your COMMUTER reusable respirator face mask can be worn commuting, shopping, out and about, at work or play can be worn all day without losing efficiency. Just make sure you sterilize it and change the filter every seven days. 






The COMMUTER has simple replaceable filters that just need replacing every seven days. Each filter is of protective four-layer construction, is splash resistant and meets EN 14683:2019 requirements for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Breathability (BFE). 

What does this mean?
It means an COMMUTER respirator face mask, which is made of comfortable food grade silicone, has filters on the front (which does not touch your skin) that are tested to filter out over 98% of the bacteria in the air that passes through them. And for those of us that wear glasses or sunglasses, they won't fog up!

Cheaper than disposable paper masks!
Your COMMUTER is 17 times cheaper to use than daily disposable paper masks. Our tiny filters generate 59 times less waste and environmental impact than a paper mask! Replaceable filters mean your COMMUTER is cost effective and will save you money versus buying disposable masks - it's better for you and your pocket!

SEVEN Paper Masks = One breathe happy COMMUTER Filter

man wearing breathe happy commuter mask on underground train

That's good isn't it?

Yes, and there are big cost savings too. One filter replaces seven paper masks if you are using one a day! Paper masks are not designed to protect you, they do not form a seal around the nose, mouth and face and approx. 20% of all air inhaled and approx. 30% of air is exhaled is unfiltered. 

Green credentials.

We are good for the environment by not using lots of paper and elastic materials to make our wonderful tiny but clever filters. And there's less waste as our tiny filters are easily disposed of. 

Say goodbye to looking for a disposable mask.

Make sure you are always ready with a breathe happy mask and filter subscription. 

breathe happy filter subscriptions are an easy and convenient way to make sure your breathe happy has a ready supply of weekly filters.