How to assemble, sterilize and use your breathe happy mask

When you first open the box you will see the clear plastic bag containing your mask, day filters and a protective bag. Carefully open the bag and remove your breath happy mask.


Please make sure you sterilize your breathe happy mask before initial use. Simply place the mask, headband and filter holder (not with a filter) in a pan of boiling water for a minimum of 5 minutes. If your mask floats to the top of the water place a saucer or similar on top of it to keep it submerged.

After five minutes of boiling your respirator mask should be sterilised. Remove carefully and allow to cool and air dry. You can now wear your breathe happy 24 hours a day with no effects on its efficiency.

Remember: Filters should be changed EVERY seven DAYS and you can re-sterilize your breathe happy mask daily or weekly by repeating the boiling process if you prefer.

Each time you change a filter we recommend you sterilize/sanitize your mask and allow to air dry.

Putting it all together.

Once your breath happy respirator mask is ready to use simply.
1. Place a filter blue side out in the casing and clip the two halves together
2. Mount the filter casing into the silicon slot in the flat part of the mask
3. Adjust the headband.

Wear it your way and breathe happy! 

breathe happy – breathe safe – breathe easy